Thursday, October 2, 2014

what an amazing day!

Sailing in the Bay can be at it's best in October, we had a wonderful sail over to Tiburon, 12-14 knots of wind, perfect blue skies and sunny. And even though Bliss is quite top heavy with all our gear, she sailed nicely as always. It was the right decision to stay one more day in the Bay and enjoy the scenery. But mostly, it allowed us to leave a bit later and have friends stop by to say goodbye and to send us off (thank you all, much appreciated, for the send offs during the last weeks).  Dear Petra and Alice waved goodbye with flags from ashore and Tessa took it all in. Our happy child was extra happy today with seeing several friends, and getting to spend all day with both mama and papa (and the ice cream didn't hurt neither, nor the fact that she saw several ferries up and close).

One last time going by the BYC
And a special treat for us today: we got to nap too, no projects to tackle (although Tod is working with his headlamp outside right now, perfecting Tessa's car seat arrangement).

near Angel Island
Earlier start tomorrow than today, and our friends Mika and Karl will accompany us on their boat out of the gate.

Bliss at the dock of Corinthian Yacht Club


  1. We wished we were there to wave the flag too... Well you guys are in our thoughts!
    Paolo & Paola

  2. Lovely pictures! Wished Maitreya and the gang could have sailed out of the GG with you guys but we'll see you in Mexico.
    Corine, Jak and Piper

  3. Happy for you! And doublehappy for memorably stunning day, and naps for all! Hoping weather holds for similarly stunning days sailing and seeing California from the Pacific.
    Petra and Alice


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