Thursday, September 29, 2016

Oh, the places we went last year.......

Looking at this map brings back a lot of memories of our travels of the last year, when we started our second year of travel on October 1, 2015. We have seen a lot of gorgeous nature in the US, Canada and Mexico, and had the chance to hang out with our dear family and friends in the Americas and now in Europe. Tessa, you love to draw maps, and look at them, so this one I made with you in mind. There is so much more to explore in the world, and we prefer to do slow travel. For now we are doing just that by living, working and going to school in Italy for a few months.

hanging out in Cernobbio 3 times in one week,
arriving by ferry or car (a playground next to a restaurant, count us in!)

our first local festival along Como lake

pumpkin festival in tiny Rovenna

yep, really! and not all of them are one way streets!

petting and feeding donkeys is a hit

Back in Cernobbio

Italian food, it's to die for, and we don't hold back

That's right, Tessa in school and we are on a lunch date at fabulous mountain
restaurant La Madonnina in Barni. We will be back! And might even bring Tessa
as they have a ....playground!

View 10 meters from our table


  1. Wonderful photos! Brings a smile to my face. Looks like you're having great weather along with all that food and lovely environment. - But you have not said much about the gelato; are you having it twice or three times a day? And how is Tod's Italian these days? Cheers from Berkeley, P&A

    1. Thanks pals! Believe or not, one can even eat too many gelati, we are getting picky! Tod is leading the way:)


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