Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sequoia and Kings Canyon's natural playground

Who needs a playground when you have many trunks to jump and walk on, be surrounded by big, big trees (General Sherman Tree is the largest tree on earth at 275 foot tall), climb to the top of Moro Rock at 6725'? The Betsy crew had fun visiting these national parks, and welcomed the cooler weather. Memorable quote, after she finished the scavenger hunt and Junior Ranger Booklet with our help, and we told her she could get a Junior Ranger badge: " But I don't want to be a Junior Ranger, I want to be a bus driver"! Ah, the mind of  a 4 yrs old....a few weeks ago , she wanted to be an airplane driver.

on top of Moro Rock, she climbed the 300 steps up and down by herself

great landscape to explore at our campsite at 6500'

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