Friday, January 13, 2017

Changes for the Bliss crew

Radio silence from the Bliss crew for a while. It' been almost 2 months since we got back from Italy, and landed in Ohio to celebrate Thanksgiving with Tod's family.  And we are still here, with Tod's parents as gracious hosts!

So, what's brewing?  In a nutshell, the captains decided that we wanted to create a land home base for 2 to 3 years before we plan to embark on the big sail across the Pacific when Tessa is about 7/8 yrs old.  We got our heads spinning on where we would create that home base, and options within and outside the US were on the table. We had a list of important criteria, but in the end we decided that for now we want Tessa to be in close proximity to her only grand parents, whom she adores. Tod had told me about a liberal, highly educated and diverse community near Cleveland, where Tod went to college. We checked it out, visited several innovative primary public schools, and were charmed by the tree lined streets, 100 yrs old character homes, the fact that kids walk to school, and the sense of community.  Combining this with other criteria of affordability, walk and bike friendly, relatively close near water, and 4 seasons to name a few, we decided to buy in home in Shaker Heights. The city knows how to attract people with its website and free, informative city tours( read more here).

Next week we will get our keys of our house (for both of us, this is the first house we are buying). All of a sudden we have a big (for us at least) house to fill, and our meager belongings are either in Mexico aboard Bliss, or in our RV in the San Francisco Bay area. Being a minimalist and having a sailboat as my main home for years, it isn't an easy transition, but I have had my portion of fun checking out consignment stores, and scoring us some great deals through Craigslist.

Are we done traveling for the next 2 to 3 years? Oh no! Even for just this year, we are still considering a trip to Bliss this winter, and if not, than for sure a road trip  with Betsy from San Francisco to Shaker Heights this summer. We will keep updating this blog with new adventures in life, and for now, that is back to land. Oh, and visitors are welcome, we got plenty of space!

Our almost 100 yrs old home in Shaker Heights.
Our neighbors gave us a list of all the families who live on our street,
and there are plenty of kids for Tessa to play with!

We wanted snow, and that's what we got mid December.
We bought ourselves some good weather clothes, and had fun.
But NE Ohio weather is changing too, there are days of 50 degrees in there too.
How we will do with this weather, we will see, all part of the test.

Dress up clothes available at the library

our never shy girl did not want to sit or talk with Santa Claus