Sunday, September 27, 2015

Count down till rolling....

Count with me, please...5, 4, 3,2 and it will be October 1st, the exact date we left 1 year ago to start our family travels. This time we will be rolling with Betsy for a couple of months till we see our beloved Bliss again in the Sea of Cortez. Our prep is way less involved than one year ago, but still we are squeezing every hour of these last days to prepare and clean.

Short post, because I should really do travel planning with the excellent help of Good Sams Club.

one of our last gorgeous walks around the n'hood

hopefully that skirt will last till halloween...

we all got bikes, sort of our dinghy for betsy

yikes, is it gonna fit?

gotta love a good carpet, and yes, she picked rain boots to wear in heat