Tuesday, November 15, 2016

our last days in Italy

Next Monday we fly back to the US, and our 12 weeks stint in Europe will be coming to an end. Highlights have been our trip to the Netherlands, connecting again with my dear relatives and friends, and the other great visits from and to friends. Lucky us, we have build some great memories here! It's also been a time that Tessa started to draw a lot, give her some paper and markers and she will go at it. We will miss the people  here, the amazing food (really can you ever eat enough fresh pasta and fresh cheese?), Tod speaking and understanding Italian (he knows more than he let me believe), and scenery in Lombardia. I won't miss Italian drivers though, seriously they drive me crazy.

Tessa, when you are old enough to read this blog, you might remember there were some days your parents were sad here in Italy, because the newly elected president of the USA does not share our values and has made statements that are very mean and very offensive to people. You stated that you could be president, and I have hope that your generation, and the current younger generations will make their marks on a better and more peaceful world.

Ciao ciao for now, we depart with some random pictures of our last weeks here in Lombardia, northern Italy.

Agriturismo is great! At a working farm here near Varese,
where you can also have lunch and dinner

hard to resist...have been eating tiramisu almost daily
time to go back, and lose some weight

on an awesome hike near Lecco with friends

could some one be more happy than visit a
dinosaur park, even on a foggy day?

gotta study my map where to go next

a trip with friends to Leolandia, Thomas &
Peppa pig house where the favorites

even the freeway provides gorgeous views going north

Villa Real at Monza Park, a huge park where you can spend hours

Tessa learning all about stick man at school