Wednesday, December 18, 2013


A few weeks ago, I drove back from my last day at work into the Berkeley marina. My home for the last 12+ years. Gorgeous skies, full view of the Golden Gate bridge. It reminded me of all the beautiful things that happened , and that I got to experience in this amazing part of the world. My passion for sailing, water and nature came in full bloom here. Wonderful friendships started here, and are still going strong.  Tod and I both arrived in the Bay Area in 1996, myself emigrating from the Netherlands, Tod from grad school in St Louis. It took us many years to find each other, but we did in the Bay Area. So, thank you Bay Area! Although we are embarking on an open ended adventure with no idea where we will settle down, I have a feeling we will be back to the Bay Area to visit,

This adventure started quite a while back. Each in our own way thought about going cruising. When we combined our lives and boats, we renamed our boat Bliss, and here is a picture of the renaming ceremony of June 2009.  Time just flies!