Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ah, the beauty of Como!

Tessa and I are walking to her "school", when a big bus decides to share this tiny, one way street. I feel like I need to protect both of us, and have us hold on to the ancient street wall. Nobody is doing that, so I must not be Italian yet (but to give myself some credit, nobody is walking there with an happy, active, 4 yrs old, who is so excited to go back to her school again).

In other ways, the Italian Como way of life is rubbing off on me. I , who never drink coffee, am having my second small cappuccino (decaf!) this week, of course with a yummie filled brioche in one of the many bars. Yes, you read that correctly, bar. There is alcohol served as well, but I'm not quite there yet this early. The brioches are to die for. My favorite is the croissant filled with pistachio filling, at the hefty cost of 1 Euro! It won't break the bank on a daily base, but at some point my pants might decide they no longer fit me. Good we are only staying in Italy till November.

Common sense, something we have an abundance of, and naively somehow I also expect that my 4 yrs old has common sense...to not take something out of the toilet bowl, and tell me that she doesn't like it! Nope, not what you think. It's the toilet freshener, that hangs in a small basket on the rim. You won't find this in the US, or Mexico for that matter, but it's a staple in some European countries. Related to toiletries (still reading this blog, he?), I bought the most organic, sensitive skin, no perfume, bla bla bla deodorant here, and to my surprise, it's a spray that smells like.......toilet freshener! Ok, enough said, let's do some pictures of our great como lake experience. Driving here is not so fun, but exploring the lake by ferry is awesome.

the lake in Como on a gorgeous day, 10 min walk from
our current apartment

Tod (my own George) wants to buy a house on the lake here.......
I have a feeling lake Erie is more likely


our ferry stop in Torno, a lovely small village with a maze of tiny streets

the maze continued between the 2 houses

zoom in, and you see a car driving! a super small car, our
involuntary upgraded Alpha Romeo would not fit here!

It would be a drag to bring Bliss here, but sailing would
be fun here

lovely streets of Cernobbio

on our drive up to Bellagio, we passed a town,
where they have a saint and church dedicated to bicycling

love this grass bench, not that comfortable but artistically pleasing
in Bellagio (very popular town but too touristy for my taste)

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