Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Time to go!

photo we used for out boat card,
thanks Petra for taking the pic!
After what seems like a year of preparation, we are finally about ready to go out the Gate and turn left! 

We officially needed to leave today (end of the month) from our slip, but we are still here until the morning. Our plan had been to pull out very early in the morning, but Jolanda wasn't feeling too well today. So instead it seems we will just head out in the morning somewhere else in the Bay to hang out for a quite day ... maybe the Corinthian Yacht club in Tiburon. Then we will probably leave early on Thursday to start our trek southward.


  1. Looking forward to following your adventure -- take lots of photos and keep blogging!

  2. Have fun! We are looking forward to following you on this adventure.

  3. Congratulations!!! Wishing you just the right amount of adventure.

  4. What a fabulous photo! We're looking forward to following your adventures via your blog.

  5. Best to you all and safe travels
    James Flock

  6. We are out of Sausalito. I thought I recognized your boat! Yay! Fair winds!

    1. Thanks, and good luck with your prep!Hopefully our paths will cross down South.


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