Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oh, that waterline....

No, we are not sinking, but boy is Bliss riding low in the water with all her new cruising gear aboard. Today we ordered  200' of chain and 200' of multi brait nylon, so that's still coming aboard (and for the time being we are keeping our "old anchor chain/rode" deeply stored far up in the bow). Maybe raising the boot strip would have not been a bad idea when we were in the yard......

Ah well, Tod bought a dive compressor to clean our bottom.  Tessa likes to make everything into a party lately ("mama, we are having a cereal party" at breakfast), and she knows how to float/swim, so let the boat dive party begin!  We promise you a future picture of that boat cleaning party, and you are invited to join!

Bliss at the Petaluma  before our cruising upgrades

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