Sunday, October 5, 2014

our backyard

Thanks everyone for your comments, we enjoy reading them when we have accessible wifi! Tod is hooking up our Rogue Wave wifi antenna right now, et voila this post is a result!

A view form our temporary "backyard": at the guest dock of Elkhorn Yacht Club in Moss landing, next to Elkhorn Slough, a marine and bird sanctuary. We had fun kayaking with us three this morning, watching sea otters, seals, sea lions and pelicans.

Sounds appealing right? And it is! But instead of 1 hour of driving by car from Half Moon Bay, we sailors take the tough way of traveling: it took us about 10 hours from raising the anchor at Pillar point, to tying our dock lines  here. Yes, you read that correctly, 60 nautical miles (or about 66 miles), took us that much time. It was motoring all the way along the gorgeous California Coast,Tessa was a fair amount down below with Tod, playing, eating and sleeping, and was excited to go to a new place (this little one just loves exploring). And I was soooo happy with the bimini (sun cover for our cockpit) that Tod designed and made a while ago, safely and happily protected from the sun while being on watch.

So are we sailors a bit crazy to endure some discomfort to get to great places, stay there with our own boat /home and have these backyards?  Sure we are, but as long as we all three enjoy this in safety (and Tessa's well being is our most important guide), we go for it.

In the next day (s?), we will head over to Monterrey, just 2 hours sail from here, where a visit to the aquarium is on our list.


  1. Keep it up guys!
    I was surprised to read that you were a bit seasick out of the gate.. I thought that you developed some immunity after so much time living on the boat...didn't you?

  2. BTW like your backyard!

  3. ciao Paolo, thanks! Haha, even long time sailors get caught with some sea-sickness when we go down below, the swell of the ocean is a different kind of motion than the wind waves on the SF Bay. We really hope to see you both in La Paz for Thanksgiving, let's keep thinking about that!

  4. I ran into this youtube blog yesterday
    which I guess you have seen before...
    anyway she has an entire video about the "list of projects"...
    Before I thought it was a Tod thing... now I understand is a sailors thing for real...
    ah ah ah ...



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