Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween kids party and self regulation

Yesterday we arrived at King Harbor, in the town of Redondo Beach. Uneventful 10 hr passage, at some points, the ocean was just flat, like a lake. The Pacific ocean comes in many flavors.

flat ocean near Malibu, 1800 ft under the keel
Several large pods of common dolphins came to greet us, they do really come swim to our boat from a 1/2 mile away. Always hard to capture them on camera to share, but they are captured in our memories.

King Harbor Yacht Club invited us to their Kids Halloween party, and lucky for us, Tessa still fitted in her aap (monkey) costume of last year. Ok, we did cut the feet off. Party time was scheduled from 5-9, we were there promptly at 5. After some cookie decorations/cookie eating, art and bracelet making, she just walked over to Bliss. Tod and I looked at each other, asked if she wanted to go home, and that was the end of the party, 540 PM! Not much napping today, so she just called it a day. During bath she asked "What's the party's name?"

So, now it's margarita time for us, Tod made a great one last nite:-)


  1. It was probably the costume but still very cute, the little monkey :-)

  2. Cheeky little monkey!


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