Thursday, October 23, 2014

In manicured Channel Island Harbor

wide, clean, and quiet 
We have been staying in Channel Island Harbor the last few days, close to city of Oxnard (about 1.5 hr North of LA). Tod and I independently came up with one word to describe this huge marina: manicured. It's super clean, just one place where you don't mind that your 2.5 yr old touches the garbage cans, and then put her fingers in her mouth. The beach is wide, and I mean wide. We just have to cross the street to arrive in a residential area to see the beginning of the beach. Then you still walk 300 meters/yards in sand to just get to the ocean. And you pretty much have
this beach to yourself during the week (did I mention this place is quiet too?).

She can not get enough of the ocean

manicured is the word here
We are guests of the yacht club here (because we are members of the BYC, we get to stay for free for 3 days), and they are very friendly.  The bar tender, Cecily, just gave Tod her car keys to do some shopping (no stores in easy walking distance). We remember this hospitality when we were here 5 yrs ago, during our honeymoon. People offered us their cars, even offered to make use of their washer/dryer (no need for it this time, the spotless marina has a laundry room at the end of our dock). Different trip for us this time, we likely be skipping the islands itself, and just hop down the South California Coast.

One sign we are getting closer to warm temps: we exchanged Tessa's wall mounted AC heater for a DC Fan. I was one happy camper to just sit in front of it after I spent some time to oil our teak toerails outside today. Can't wait till all 5 of them will be up, as no doubt we need them in Mexico.

Mural next to Maritime Museum closeby

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  1. "Manicured," huh! I love it - and I hope you'll come up with an equally apt one word for each place where you stop!
    Greetings from tousled (?) Berkeley,


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