Friday, October 3, 2014

Out the Gate

We left the Corinthian Yacht Club about 8am under perfectly clear skies and a warm breeze from the east... amazing morning weather for the Bay!

Our friends Mika & Karl on Baloo accompanied us out of the Gate -- thanks Mika & Karl!!

After motoring for a while out the shipping channel, we turned south and raised sails ... we had a lovely beam to broad reach with 10-15 kts most of the way.

Several times I saw some whales spouting and saw one back, but they were too far away for any pictures.  Both I and Jolanda felt a bit seasick at different times, mostly when we were trying to take care of Tessa.  It's been a couple years since we were out on the ocean, and hopefully we will get our sealegs back soon!

We were happy to see that Tessa seemed completely unaffected by any seasickness!  She was happy the whole time, both above and below decks.  We dropped anchor in Pillar Point harbor (Half Moon Bay).

In the afternoon we inflated the kayak and Tod & Tessa went ashore to play in the sand.


  1. What a trooper our little captain is!

  2. We are here to live our dreams and your dreams makes us dream. We sail with you in our hearts. Looking forward to read your adventures. Best wishes to the three of you !!!! Christian


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