Sunday, October 12, 2014

waiting for weather

We are still hanging out in Monterey, waiting for a comfortable weather window on the ocean. Here in town, the weather is lovely... today is gonna be about 81 degrees and sunny. But out on the ocean there are serious swells today (like 9-12 feet), and then tomorrow the swell is still significant but also there is supposed to be a 10-20kt wind from the south (which would be on our nose). So, a strong swell from behind and wind from the front might make for an uncomfortable ride. In general, Jolanda and I might have no problem in doing this, but with Tessa we want to make it as calm and comfortable as possible.  So, for now, we are gonna hang here in Monterey, and enjoy the beach; and the great playground close by; and the McDonald's close by (Tessa calls it "Old McDonald" or the "Big M") where we get yummies in the afternoon!

Off course, projects never end, still working on installing our solar panels. Tessa is happy to help and learn!


  1. Looks like a great start. I might never leave Monterey ;->

  2. That's my girl! Where's the next stop gonna be?

    1. Hi boer, next stop will be Morro Bay, likely leave here on Wed.

  3. What's on her leg? a sticker? She is lovely and I can hear Tod talking to her!! Miss you guys big time!


  4. BTW dude do you recognize the place:


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