Wednesday, October 8, 2014

enjoying Monterey

On Tuesday morning we left foggy Moss Landing, got fuel, and pretty much did not see much land due to fog till closer into Monterey (we did see a whale). The Monterey Pensinsula Yacht Club will be our host till Friday.  Due to significant ocean swell expected for the weekend, we have decided to stay put here through the weekend.  With a great playground and beach next door, Trader Joe's within walking distance for provisioning, and just a nice town, what else can we ask for?

opa, do you see all my sunglasses?

Bliss at the guest dock of MPYC

bobbing around at anchor

the lovely beach as our  new backyard

any transportation device captures her attention


  1. Farmer Tessa! The blog wouldn't be half as fun to read without her :):):). P&A


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