Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"flying" 65 hrs to the tropics

Shorts and dresses, fans running aboard, ice cream, cold margaritas, 1 liter fresh squeezed juices, pool guessed it right, we are back in the tropics! And although it isn't super hot, the temperature and the scenery is quite different from central Baja.

Bliss just flew in the water, and what we expected to be a 3.5 day passage, turned about to be "just" 65 hrs to cover 380 nautical miles (418 miles). Not much sailing though, almost all under engine. We got the jib out from 3AM to 9AM the first night, and then again for the last 1 hour of the passage. Yep, you read that correctly, during the last hour, just when you are ready to be done. The marina is dredging the entrance, and we found out that we had to wait one hour before we could enter. Hubby decided it was time to get both sails up, and just sail around in front of the entrance.

We saw our first whale on our last morning; chatted on the radio during the night with a sailboat; and dodged several shrimp boats on our last morning shift (for 20 minutes I detoured Bliss to head for Cabo instead, so we could stay out of their way.)  All in all, our first long passage of the season was uneventful. We are now tucked into a slip of Isla Mazatlan Marina. Tod is baking a "Christmas" chicken, which we still had sitting in the fridge, and Tessa is having a blast with her Peppa pig toy we picked up at the Mercado central in old Mazatlan this morning.

back in Old town Mazatlan
for $2 you pick your fruits for 1 liter fresh squeezed juice
large indoor mercado with mostly food

little did we know, but it was busy at the iglesia selling large cakes for epiphany
dress day for the female crew of Bliss
sunrise at the last day of passage
helping papa with the water maker under way


  1. Looks great and have gun you guys!

    1. thanks boer, hope we get to see you here this season !


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