Friday, January 22, 2016

Flash backs in Barra de Navidad

This morning the French baker who deliveres his croissants in the lagoon of Barra de Navidad, shared a bit of his experience and preparation of going through Hurricane Patricia, which made landfall close by (according to Wikipedia "the most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere in terms of barometric pressure, and the strongest globally in terms of reliably measured maximum sustained winds. The landfall was in a significantly weakened state").

We are anchored in the shallow lagoon, further away from the Pacific, and just like last year, we saw a boat run aground at the entrance. Economics seems the motivation here, a cheap bottom scrub, instead of navigation error. Anchoring here feels just like being in a marina, not the rolling we have encountered in other anchorages directly on the Pacific. Downside is that you don't feel like jumping in the water here, but that's OK as we got to visit the pools of Sand's and Cabo Blanco hotel, and the town of Barra. Tod got excited to see the woman selling tamales again (yep, the ones which caused me to experience terrible food poisoning on our passage back North last year), and bought some for his dinner. Oh, and the jury is out on the medical treatment I received her last year. I can happily report I have been walking without any pain for 11 months now, and would for sure seek treatment here again if needed. All in all, the Bliss crew is happy to be back here again for a few days.

yep, those tamales.....the lady is so sweet though, but I couldn't get myself
to eat another one

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  1. See you in Hutulco in a few weeks??? You are not far away...... Sounds like you are having a good time, as usual. Escaping the frost and rain here! But no skiing for you.. xoxo P&A


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