Sunday, January 17, 2016

double duty of anchor chain, life sling and flopper stoppers

With the temperature of the Pacific Ocean at 85F here in Chamela Bay we are discovering fun different purposes of the anchor chain, the flopper stoppers (the cones that suppose to help a bit against rolling), and the life sling (safety floating ring with long nylon line attached to the boat to be thrown in case one falls overboard).

We are enjoying Chamela Bay, 100 miles south of Banderas Bay, where we arrived Friday morning. What a joy to sail Banderas bay is! Consistent wind, just like San Francisco Bay, but then warmer, and whales around. We have had bottle nose dolphins play with our anchor ball here in Chamela, great fun to watch these playful mammals.

Just like land lubbers, we have our daily rhythms aboard as well. After breakfast, we play and read down below, do Bliss "school"(something Tessa is really excited about), then slowly make our way to the beach via our dinghy for some walking and wave jumping. Before the sun gets too hot, we head back to Bliss for lunch and quiet time.  Tod uses most of this time to do boat projects, as the list is long again. By 4 PM, we head out again for a couple of hours. Inspired by some other sailors in La Cruz who blow into conch shells to mark the sunset, we get out flutes for sunset. Most nights we eat aboard, and Tessa goes to bed earlish, so Tod and I have some time to ourselves!

swinging from our anchor chain

jumping on the flopper stoppers, there are 8 cones on a line with
a mushroom anchor at the bottom

Tessa loves to know where we are and where we are going, so Tod put up
a map in her room

looking for hermit crabs on the beach
new sunset ritual

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