Sunday, December 20, 2015

Double trouble and 4 Bliss too many

The crickets doing their concerto outside, Tessa and Tod are having happy hour, and I have a quick moment to update our blog.

After 9 days of being on the hard in the work yard, Bliss is being launched in her natural setting tomorrow morning.  We arrived in San Carlos on the 11th, and we were all excited to see our home again. Mhm, yes, she was supposed to be in the work yard, but where is she? Somewhat confused we walked back to the office. "Yes, she is all the way in the back". Ok, second try, but no she was not there. Turns out, this large yard currently has 5 boats named Bliss in their dry storage (yep, seriously, could we be a bit more original in our name picking), and they had moved another Bliss to the work yard. No big deal, one hour later we recognize our home on the stands. She had the expected dirt on the outside after 7.5 months, but inside she was just how we left her. For Tessa, it was early Christmas, or late Sinterklaas (Dutch celebration on December 5th), as she was having a blast with all her toys we had left here.

We have been reading the book "Double Trouble Groundhog Day" a lot before bedtime lately, and double trouble seems to be applicable to us when it comes to refrigeration. The LPG fridge on our RV Betsy started to act up during the last days of our trip to Mexico. When Tod turned on our DC fridge aboard, there was not much coldness coming our way. The engineer he is, he tinkered with it all night, but with no success. Not wanting to travel without a fridge here, back up plans were formulated, like driving back to Phoenix (7.5 hrs drive) to pick up a new unit, as DC units are not available here. Fortunately, the morning cruising net came through with an excellent recommendation for a local fridge guy, and 350 pesos ($22) later we were back in business.

We are looking forward to be back on the water again, and our tentative plans are to head South on the East side of Sea of Cortez after Christmas, once we have a good weather window. We will miss our cruising family buddies on s/v Kiribati and s/v Let it Be this season, but were glad we got to spend some time with them on land before we drove down.

Happy holidays from the Bliss crew!

Bliss with raised waterline. Five months from now we will strip all
the bottom paint off to the gel coat. 

hundreds of boats sitting in the dry storage waiting

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