Friday, December 25, 2015

Holiday celebrations in San Carlos

With old and new friends in town, we had a great excuse to delay our departure here, and celebrate the holidays with them. We were glad we did!  Tod and Tessa baked cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and they were set out on the companion ladder; Tessa and I enjoyed some Christmas caroling in the marina, and several boats organized a colorful boat parade with pretty Christmas lights. Life is good here in company of great people, no need to rush to our next place. Bliss is happily back in the water, and her crew is content to just go with the flow/wind.

Although we are in Mexico, this part of the Sea of Cortez is not very warm in the winter and has strong Northerly winds blowing through. We are still sleeping with duvets, have our oil lamp burning at night, and our fans have not been needed much. We have played on the beach, but no swimming yet. We will have to sail several hundreds of miles south to experience that in January. And that will happen when the time/winds are right.

Is it something about traveling in a different culture that bonds people and make them pull up chairs and share stories, laughter and drinks, independent of the mode of transportation? On our first and only night in a tiny RV park in Mexico on our drive south, several RV'ers invited us over for happy hour, and made us feel welcome, just the same as we experience in the boating community.

Tessa and I made holiday decorations with pine cones from our land travels

Tod and Tessa prepping the cookie dough

Lighted boat parade coming back in the marina

captivated by her new toys

" and she is coming down the mountain", Bliss driving from the boat yard,
ready to launch

Ready to splash

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  1. Great to read your blog and see that you had good things going for Christmas. Loved the pine cone decorations and really loved seeing Tessa and her father making cut out cookies. So glad Bliss has now "splashed" into the water and you three are back on board. What are great adventure for Tessa. Love to all Joan


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