Friday, November 13, 2015

Random ramblings from 4500 feet, Sedona in Arizona

We were in Sedona, Arizona, at the city park, surrounded by gorgeous red rock formations. It’s a light travel day, so we are doing our routine “quiet time” after lunch. Tessa stopped napping a few months ago, and while we were living a more routine life in Berkeley, getting some alone/quiet time in during the day was easier to do. Not so easy to do while you are traveling about 5,000 miles in 6 weeks time.

We tell Tessa this is time to recharge your batteries. She knows all about batteries, and knows when they are discharged, you run out of energy (hey, it happened again a few nights ago, as we had run the heater since late afternoon due to freezing temps after a snow storm near Flagstaff.  Because this is a trial season with our RV, we decided to not make any electrical upgrades like adding battery capacity, but it’s on the ‘to do’ list for next season).

That quiet day time is also important for Tod and me, as we get to do some of our own things that don’t involve playing/interacting with our 3.5 yrs old. We do end up playing with her more than when we travel by boat.  One of the differences I have noticed between our RV travel and our boat travel is the people we have met. While we have been lucky that we have met 3 interesting traveling RV/camper families, in general we have not connected much with other Rv'ers, and we for sure miss that connection. To be fair, we are traveling outside the main travel season here in the US, where in Mexico we cruise during prime time, so the chance to meet people you connect with are higher. Even when there were no cruising families around, we met fun and interesting sailing couples, and enjoyed spending time together. Boaters tend to be a social bunch, and a wave while passing underway, or chat while sharing an anchorage is more common than not (or talking on the VHF radio at night when you see a boat close by). We have not experienced that same ease of contact while traveling with our RV.

As the blog title says, just ramblings. Just ask me again next RV season.

As you can see from the pictures, no more snow storms for us, but heat from the dessert near Phoenix. No more off season for RV'ing this far south either, as we got one of the last spots in Lost Dutchman State Park near Phoenix. Two more days here , then we leave Betsy in Phoenix for 2 weeks to fly to Tod’s parents in Ohio. Early December we will be back in Phoenix and drive Betsy to Bliss in Mexico for another cruising season.

awning out for the 1st time in Lost Dutchman State Park
Lake Pleasant County Park, 45 miles north from Phoenix

boon docking "anchoring" outside Sedona
we stopped at interesting visitor center of Glen Canyon Dam, Page, Arizona

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  1. Miss you guys! Do RV-ers say anything equivalent to "fair winds?"


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