Friday, January 30, 2015

random ramblings on our life in Mexico

No, we are not moving to La Cruz, but we have found a dentist we like, and we will see him again next month. For $35 Tod had a good cleaning, so now the whole family will go there and get some X-rays done as well. The price for the haircut ($2.5) was right as well.

Back in the US, my friend Rich and I would wonder why there is not a latte/cappuccino cart at playgrounds, as this seems a smart business idea.  A week ago we had taco's on the street with several friends, and Tessa discovered a shed filled with toys inside the restaurant. Joy galore, win win for everyone, we parents would have a Margarita , food and flan, while our kids are playing. So, all of a sudden this place became our favorite place to go to. We go back a few days later, Tessa all excited
(eating is optional in her book if there are great things to explore instead), and then.....what, no sorry, this is for the kids who live here?!?  Well, tell that to our articulate 2 yr old, who was not pleased and walked out (and to our frustration would not sit down anymore).  So, if you are looking for a smart business model that will give you  loyal customers for several years to come: put a shed full of toys/books inside your restaurant.  Mhm, maybe I can run with that idea and help fill our cruising kitty, but that means we have to stay put for a while........something we are currently not very good at.

What do Mexicans have with zoo's? For a few days, we stayed in Paradise Village, the marina in Nuevo Vallarte located within a full luxurious resort. We could take Tessa to the swimming pools, kid's club and see tigers and parrots in one block radius (the 3 cages are marked as "zoo" on the map, a bit overstated IMHO). "Hey mama, let's look at tigers and then go to playground ok?" (her actual words). I'm talking to the sweet young woman at the kids club, who is from Guadalajara, and I ask her what she recommends to see there (I've read good things about the city, and would like to visit it). " Oh, the zoo I should for sure not miss there".  Mhm, I'm not into zoo's to begin with, don't like caged animals, but somehow thought she would bring up the beauty of this high mountain city (mexico's San Francisco according to one guide book).  Well, Guadalajara has to wait as I can't see us taking a bus for 4 hours with Tessa, so in the meantime we will just watch tigers at other places.

I want to try this one.....

so proud with her new swim ring

a pool day is a great day for Tessa, she can spend hours

We have arrived in Barra de Navidad, after an overnite passage from Banderas Bay. You can't tell we are at anchor, it's so calm in the back lagoon (much calmer than Paradise Village Marina). Tricky passage to come inside the last lagoon. It's the first time that our Navionics charts have been off by a noticeable amount -- in this case, it was off by about 50 feet showing the location of the 30-foot wide channel! But we just hailed on radio channel 22, and a fellow cruiser guided us from his boat while he could see our moves. The afternoon we went to guessed it right...pool. Somewhat sad looking in comparison to the last one, but that doesn't bother her.

Bliss at anchor in the lagoon of Barra de Navidad, we welcome the clouds!
The water on the mainland is much less clear and less inviting than the Sea of Cortez

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  1. So glad this sailboat baby loves the water! Love to all Mom


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