Friday, January 16, 2015

Loving La Cruz

The longest time we have stayed at one place, and there are many good reasons.

Making new friends with a great boat family who have kids the same age. It's wonderful when there is a click between both parents and kids.

The quaint little town is just in easy walking distance, with necessities as ice cream and taco's close by. A little tienda has an evening market with fresh produce at whole sale prices in the back once a week, a great place to stock up.

The marina where we stayed the first week, is kid friendly, and organizes all kind of events for kids (there are quite a few boat families here). Tessa joined the science class today, given by a former science teacher. Well, when I said joined, she just climbed in the V-berth and played with the older kids. Tessa has invited herself to several other boats in the marina, and every time is warmly welcomed by the cruisers.

We moved to the large anchorage the second week and even though it can be rolly at some times, it's quite doable, and we enjoy the fresh breeze.

When it' get too hot, we can either jump in the tiny marina pool, or just stroll over to the beach. Luckily, we have had many cloudy days.

So, finally, life in the slow lane. What to do next? Manana, Manana........

the town square a favorite place to meet local kids

great fish market, lobster galore

helping papa with repairing the jib

near fish market, anchorage in background

ok, so you all know the photographer was part of this trip too

cobble stone streets, fun to play on

iguana's at marina entrance, they do fall out of the trees!

no language needed to have fun with local kids


  1. Great to read a blog from you guys. Sounds like you are enjoying the area. Tessa is getting so tan and looking great in her little red dress. Love to all three!!!

  2. Lovely place and pictures. Way to go little Einstein and parents.
    Corine and the boys

  3. Looks fantastic! And those lobster tails are huge!!

  4. Its fun to read about your travels. Cian and I say hello and Cian says he misses Tessa. So nice to see where you all have been. Fun!!

  5. Thanks Lisa and Cian! Tessa has been asking where is Cian? Hugs to you all!

  6. Sounds like it is the adventure you hoped!


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