Tuesday, January 27, 2015

a horse show adventure

The morning radio net in Banderas Bay is active. At 8.30 AM cruisers check in on their radio to hear about what's going on in the Bay. So, when we hear the Irish (?) Tea lady mentioning a- not- to miss authentic horse show, with female side-saddle riders in beautiful costumes, in the town next door (Bucerias), we decide to go for it and spice up our routine here. Aahhhh, the times you could just plan for this during our pre-kid days....well those times are over (and that's totally fine!). Let's just say that Tessa decided to be like any other 2 yrs old who wants to be fiercely independent and act accordingly and before you know it, it's about 3.45 PM, fifteen minutes before the show supposed to start.  Too late for the bus ride.....

Side note, we like the buses here, mostly we take small vans,  and for 20 pesos (about $1.40) we all ride for a good 20-30 minutes. No assigned bus stops, just flag down a passing bus, and later tell them you want to get out, and you pay the driver when you get out. Just only once, I had the  gasket for the sliding door fall out on me when I tried to close the door, but that's a minor detail.

So, now we are taking a taxi for 120 pesos (6 times the price of the bus, if you're counting)  to this show. We show up, and we see 3 gorgeous young  Mexican women in colorful dresses and our taxi driver tells us that in 15 minutes it will be packed here. .....Mhm, wasn't this suppose to start at 4, and why do we only see gringo's here??? No worries, we hear the show will start at 5PM, and Tessa is busy looking at the somewhat sad horses tied up in small pens. We find a cow  and chickens to look at as well, and when the super loud music gets on my nerves, we take a stroll outside the rodeo arena to find something to drink and eat close by.  By 530 PM we are still sitting outside, and nothing is happening. OK, another stroll to a tienda  with super friendly owners, for more snacks. On the street we meet other gringo's, who like us where there at 4PM, and heard that nothing will be happening till 7 PM, so they have decided to call it quits.

Well, you can guess how are authentic outing ended? We were taking the bus back and grabbed an ice cream in "our " town square on our way home. 

helping to do dishes, a new favorite, let's hope for a while!

finally, a family portrait in La Cruz Marina
(Yes, that's an empty paper towel roll on her arm.  You can't imagine how much fun she had with that thing, for like an hour!  They ought to sell the used cardboard tubes as a child toy.)

Tod's great ceviche with shrimp from the market

our little one eats this with gusto!


  1. You all look super happy and healthy and unstressed! Great role models. xo P&A

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, Mike, she is! Looking forward to see you all this summer!


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