Sunday, February 1, 2015

some firsts and a flashback in Barra de Navidad

Yes, we went on our first date since we left the San Francisco Bay Aea, while out boat is anchored in Barra! Thanks to the amazing sweet and fun Sherilyn from Believe! A few weeks back, we met Sherilyn and George in marina La Cruz. We shared the same dock, chatted a bit (we share a Dutch background as it turns out) and before we knew Tessa invited herself to their boat.  And what a fun she had fun playing and talking with Sherilyn, who as a former teacher had all kind of kid goodies on board. When we left, she gave Tessa a Spanish children's book, and told us she would have been happy to babysit if they had stayed any longer.

Fast forward a few weeks....we checked in on the morning radio net to find out what's going on here and  Sherilyn recognized our boat name  (like all cruisers, we are mostly known by boat name,  some know our first names but no one really knows our last names), and hailed us after the net. They were planning to leave that day, but she would gladly come over to our boat, play a bit with Tessa, put her to bed, and then stay at our boat while we went out. And so it happened! Tod and I took a water taxi, and treated ourselves to a nice meal out. It was great, enjoying wine, ribs and shrimp while discussing some future travel plans. Local kids around Tessa's age were still up when we left the restaurant, the town was still buzzing. Things we don't get to experience very often, as she goes to bed early.  Back at the boat, Tessa and Sherilyn had a great time, water colored, read books, and she got to stay up a bit longer than usual.

This morning we ordered some extra croissants from the French Baker, who delivers to your boat. We had hoped to drop them off at Sherilyn and George's boat before they left. But alas, so it the transient boating life, they motored by with their boat to say goodbye.  It looks like our plans are somewhat similar for the next few months, so we for sure hope to see them again.

originally from France, this baker does good business, and rightly so!

you can place your order ahead on the morning radio, or you
check out what's left

Although this was our first date in many months, we have had other cruising friends playing with Tessa for a while: Shelli from s/v Astrea entertained Tessa for hours in La Paz, while Tod and I discussed engine problems: and just a few days back, Britta from s/v Desire entertained Tessa on their boat, and played a lot in the pool.  Also Jane from s/v Dilly Dally generously entertained Tessa in their V-berth.  All much appreciated!

Having grown up in a country that sees a lot of rain, I don't really care for it that much. However, my short work/life stint in the Caribbean (Curacao)  twenty years ago, made me appreciate the rain in a whole different perspective. So when we got rain here last nite, it was yeah! Except for the part that not all hatches were closed, and some clothes were still hanging outside.....No problemo though, the sun came out again, and things dried up rather quickly.

super excited to dress herself and have her rain boots on again
We have a hard time to find good Mexican cheese. Their queso fresco works well in quesadilla's but we find it not that tasty on bread.  Shopping in Walmart a few days back (yep, that's where you actually can get a decent selection of food items), I came across on old time favorite as a kid: la vache qui rit. Bringing back memories of my childhood summer vacations in France. Nothing spectacular among all the amazing French cheeses, but as a kid I loved the soft , silky taste.  No longer a favorite as I got older, but it worked OK on the French baquette we bought from the French baker today.

malecon, and Bliss anchored in the lagoon in upper right corner

for 2 pesos a ride you get a lot of smiles

our daily routine of swimming at the somewhat dated and rundown Sand's hotel,
the only place to leave our dinghy safely in town


  1. This may seem like a strange question; but if you are by that sculpture again, could you check to see who was the sculptor? - Wishing the two of you more dates! xoxo P&A

  2. Hi pal, Tessa and I went by the sculpture today, but didn't see any sign of the artist:-( Off course, I could have written a whole post of all the help you provided back in Berkeley. Love to you all!


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