Monday, June 15, 2015

From desert to the city of green

Green, every shades of green, wherever you look. The next town over is appropriately called the City of Green.  A landscape so different from the desert of Baja. The weather is different too: plenty of rain, and humidity. The change of scenery is a welcome one, makes you appreciate the differences.

a good rainstorm makes for a fun pool

plenty of room to run around in oma an opa's back yard

We arrived in Ohio 2.5 weeks ago, and we are enjoying our stay with oma and opa. They are great sports and hosts, and oma plays with Tessa for hours with what seems an endless collection of toys. With their 50th wedding anniversary we had the whole family in town, and Tessa got to meet her adorable new cousin Cayden.

Tod and I are reading up on a new form of traveling: shall we get a motorhome  Class C or a travel trailer for our road trip in the US? We have been looking at a few here to get a feel, and so far I don’t feel the same love I feel for boats. It’s so much more fun to look at sail boats, and I’m not getting that feel/vibe when we are looking at “land yachts”.  Ah well, we will keep looking during the next few months while we be working / living in Berkeley, and hope that the amazing places we plan to visit combined with no need for rough overniters on the ocean or sea will make up for the lack in vibe I feel for the mode of transportation.  


  1. Ah Ohio! Love these pictures and smiling faces. Wishes for many more happy days with oma and opa.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Bummer, looks like we will miss you here this summer. Will try for next time!

  2. Can't you guys make a land yacht - with wheels by propelled by the wind (sails)? Sort of like the 'ice yachts' on runners that sail on the ice... Greetings from an equally green, fairly wet, but quite a bit colder Sweden!
    xoxo P&A

    1. Love that idea, pal! Have a great time in Sweden!

  3. Enjoyed reading your blog. You are probably back in California by now, getting ready for your first day back at work. Good luck! I too return to work tomorrow and must admit I'm feeling a few butterflies. Good luck finding a suitable RV...sounds like fun to see the country from a different perspective.
    Seamore Pacific


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