Tuesday, May 26, 2015

naked Bliss

Is this our beloved Bliss? She looks so naked (or naky, naky, as Tessa started to say when she was younger).

It's hard to believe, but when you take all your lifelines and netting off, you take the dodger and bimini down, cover all your winches and plastics with aluminium foil, then this is the end result. Hard to imagine this is how she came in this world as well, and that 30+ yrs ago, her first owners bought her like this (OK, I admit in a bit better shape than this).

Our haul out was at 130 sh today, and we were excited and anxious to see the truck driver coming with this large hydraulic trailer. The haul-out team obviously know what they are doing, as they have done it for years, and do this procedure for hundreds of boats each year. After they hauled Bliss out of the water, she went for a 1/2 mile ride on the road to the work yard, where Tod is doing the final touches for dry and heat preparations (I have read about recorded thermometers of 150 degrees F inside boats during peak summer). You gotta think carefully what you store down below in that kind of heat!

We are now spending our 2 last nites in Mexico in a hotel. Tessa is slightly confused by this. "When are we going back to Bliss", she asks? Bliss is the only home she knows. But she tells everyone who is willing to listen that Bliss is out of the water, and that she is going to see oma and opa. Hopefully the taxi driver will come with a large enough car on Wednesday morning to fit all our luggage: 2 large duffel bags close to 50 pounds each , 2 carry ons and 2 personal items. Oh yes, car seat as well. The Bliss crew travels not so light.....

Thanks for following us on our first cruising season, and we are hoping to see many of you during our land travels in the US!

Bliss going towards the Golden Gate at the start of our journey,
almost 8 months ago (courtesy picture of Mika)

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