Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rugged Bahia Tortugas

Nap time aboard, and tessa is singing "buenos dias". She and I got back from a kayak trip into this small town to get some fresh groceries. We walked on dirt , unpaved roads, visited 2 tiny stores, and got lucky finding avocado's, bell peppers, cabbage and bananas.  And off course, a yummie, which she ate with gusta while I tried to converse in my less than poco Spanish with an older local man, who had lived in this former cannery town for 50 years. She had walked up to him, said " it's yummie", then they high-fived , and he kissed her on the forehead. Sweet, you can tell they love kids in Mexico.

We arrived on Tuesday 5 PM, being under way for 2 days and 2 nights. Tiresome for us, but for the little one, it's just life as usual with a lot of playing, "I spy" games, eating and sleeping. Two hours before we caught our first fish, a 15/20 pound Dorado, brilliant colored fish, also known as
Mahi Mahi. Catching it was easy, however we were not really prepared what to do next. Tessa  was back into the cockpit after her nap and wanted to see it all. We did spare her the less appealing part of killing the fish as well as gutting it. Tod did an excellent job on his first fish, and we enjoyed great fish steaks the next days.

Some other firsts since leaving Ensenada: our water maker is in full action, making about 6 gallons/hr (yep that is slow, so it needs to run for hours to fill our 90 gallons water tanks).  And we have finally used our "car", our RIB dinghy with outboard. Dinghy wheels are installed as well, and we learned the hard, wet way, that they need to be up before landing.  The deserted beach with great shells was so worth it tough.

All is well aboard Bliss, happily swinging at anchor. Toddler question of the day: " at the doctor, you get a haircut too?" Also, "Buddha is a diver", after a tiny bronze Buddha sculpture bounced overboard.

We were celebrating our 5th yr wedding anniversary with a day sail of 50 + miles to the next stop of bahia Asucion.

1st Catch!

fence of the school

big surprise, a great playground in this town

sunset towards our next destination


  1. Nice catch!!! beautiful fish!
    Glad the passage was smooth.
    Hug Paolo

    PS I cannot post comments with the iPad(tried different browsers)

  2. I really appreciate the photos of the town and beaches; to be able to visualize where you are, and get a little geography/cultural knowledge! Cheers, petra

  3. That's some good eating and love that sunset!

  4. I love reading about Tessa's adventures! I'm sure her delight is yours too.


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