Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Last stop in the USA and WHY?

In the cockpit, before bedtime, Tessa is asking Tod: “what are you doing” Why”? Then she says to me “papa is drilling, making holes for solar panels”. Question to Tod “ is that prescent (crescent) mimi (aka moon)”? To me: “the moon is skying”.  We are in the WHY phase big time with our talkative 2.5 yr old.
great walk path in Point Loma neighborhood. Tessa
likes to take Baby Holly for a ride (and yes, she picked her
all pink clothes)
Bouganville galore, love it. 

Tessa and Tod went out to run some last days -errands this afternoon, and I did the laundry. We have been in San Diego since last Friday. It's our first and last stop in a large city in the US. Close to Point Loma we had 2 war ships within close proximity. The navy's presence while we entered the harbor was something different than what we are used to see in San Francisco Bay. 

Our host yacht clubs are both on Shelter Island, a mecca for marine stores/suppliers and within the very nice Point Loma neighborhood.  We are currently staying at the San Diego Yacht Club, and boy, am I glad that we are not at the guest dock (where all members can see you while sipping their drinks), but some where " in the boonies".  We don't have a yacht, we have a great plastic sailboat. Having said that, we had 2 nice encounters with members of both clubs. One older gentleman gave me a ride home from the store, just when I was about to load 30 pounds in my backpack for the 1.5 mile trek home. Another kind club member offered to take Tod anywhere he needed to go.

Last day here tomorrow before we head down to Ensenada. Our friends John and Priscilla with their lovely dog Bo are kindly lending us their car to go to the "winkel", we know who is excited to go!

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  1. We also love Shelter Island and have stayed at Humfrey's Inn numerous time.

    Have a great time on your trips south and keep posting pictures. I hope there are whales when you get to San Ignacio Lagoon. When we were there they came up and nudge the ponga we were on and we got to pet them.


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