Friday, November 7, 2014

Hola Mexico!

Another fun ride with our spinnaker up! We left San Diego Thursday early with not much wind, but 3 hrs later we were flying with a combination of sails. Ten hours after leaving San Diego, we arrived in Ensenada, where we reserved a slip in very friendly Baja Naval. Tessa practiced her HOLA on several people. We know she will be ordering our food in Spanish soon!

Today we spent all morning on clearing into Mexico, getting our visa's (for 6 months), boat import papers (boat can stay here for 10 yrs). Al tough this was all conveniently located in one small building, it was a good exercise in patience. Tessa and I decided to leave the party earlier, and go home for a nap, well at least one of us was...Ice cream, happy 'fish tacos' hour, dancing to a mariachi band, and just walking around in our usual 1 mile radius (limitations of going traveling with a toddler, who just thinks that even a trash can is awesome) filled the afternoon.

On a side note, we have a very fast internet connection here, faster than we ever experienced before. We realize this will be very short lived, as we are making plans to move further South to the more remote part of Baja California. 

Leaving Point Loma Lighthouse behind at 6AM

Our chart plotter confirms we have arrived in
Mexican waters

raising the quarantine flag, before you have officially
cleared into Mexico
"I need my reading glasses" for all the paperwork
time to raise the Mexican flag after we cleared in

at the civic plaza close by, sculpture of Mexican hero and former
President Benito Juarez

practicing mariachi

the fish market has a huge selection


  1. Love that fish market! Enjoy the ride :-)
    Us 3 from PT

  2. You must have taken off right after the Baja-ha-ha. We're headed down to Mexico in January!


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