Saturday, December 9, 2017

unexpected catch of the day!

"Mhm, we have a boat issue", Tod says when his girls came back to the boat after a swim.  I'm thinking "what's new", we needed a new problem, as he just fixed our solenoid starter issue. For the record here, I'm very lucky to be married to an extreme handyman/ fixer, and can't imagine  passage making without that very helpful skill set. While at sea you need to be self sufficient, in contrast to being at the dock in a marine where you can hire people.

We got ourselves a snake on board. What??? Yep, a live snake. Tod discovered a sleepy snake on the front deck when he removed our kayak bag. Now it's not so sleepy anymore, and we are all alert. Tessa is excited and wants to have front row seat near the action, I'm less excited about that idea. Dock neighbors want to come see the show. Tod grabs our boat hook and Tessa's old bath tub. With his bare hand he grabs it, and throws it in the bath tub. It's not as active now, maybe due to lack of water? He and Tessa bring it to shore, where the security guard wants to have it as he has never seen a snake like that before. When did it decided to come along for the ride? Our best guess is when we were tied to the fuel dock in San Blas for the night, a few days ago.

We are now enjoying Banderas Bay, and are staying at marina la Cruz, with plenty of cruising kids for Tessa to play with. Yesterday Tod and I had just dinner alone aboard, while Tessa was eating at our neighbors boat, playing with kids she just met that afternoon.

it's not big, but for sure glad it's off the boat!

the joy of sailing into Banderas bay, it's the San Francisco Bay
without fog and with whales, dolphins and sunshine

Preparing for Sinterklaas's night visit by steam boat
Lucious Marina La Cruz

with fish market in town we eat well


ah, the joy of having 2 loads washed and folded for less than $5

home work including food and cards

helping to decorate the chrismas tree in the cruisers lounge

making ornaments with materials collected from the beach 

iguana's around the town plaza

driving in the pick up bed, mexican way with friends to dinner

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