Thursday, August 11, 2016

Our summer in Berkeley and preparing for ..... Italy

Our time in Berkeley is going by fast. We enjoy spending time with dear friends, stay in awesome houses (and picked up some ideas for our future home), and Tessa has a blast at her morning preschool. No sailing at all, in fact we have only visited our former home turf, the Berkeley marina, once. Our moving radius seems about 2 to 3 miles from the houses we stay at, and we walk and bike most of the time. Tod is working hard to replenish our travel kitty, this is after all not a vacation but work time. And among other things, I'm busy with planning our next family adventure: going to Europe for about 3 months to play and work, with a home base in Italy.

More details later, for now just some pics of our time in the Bay area. 

camping with papa in backyard for a night

Tilden little farm, our go-to place on Sunday morning. Notice the jacket?
Yep, welcome to Berkeley summer!

we get to stay with the sweetest dogs, and our girl is having a blast

kite festival in Berkeley Marina, this is where they filmed
part of the Kite Runner

the joy to master the monkey bars

another relaxing visit to our friends Mika and Karl in lake Tahoe
( well, except for the traffic then, which is just plain crazy here in the Bay)

and what would we do without our dearest Petra?  So many happy hours,
and here a special treat to Cal Academy of Sciences in San Francisco

picture by Petra

picture by Petra
picture by Petra

Picture at the Young Museum by Petra

catching tadpoles, picture by Petra


  1. Hey guys! Base in Italy? Where?

    1. Ciao paolo, the first month is booked near lake Como, then will see. Wish we could connect on your home turf! Tods visa limits the lenght of our stay in Europe, but i am sure we will be back.


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