Friday, April 1, 2016

whale shark!

Tod slowly slides into the water, fins and mask on. Close to our dinghy is a whale shark, the largest fish on the planet, and we are lucky to see a hug one, about 60 feet long. We spotted it because we saw a small fin in the flat water. Whale sharks are skitterish, so we stay out of its way with our dinghy. Tessa and I watch from the dinghy, while we have the occasional company of a bumble bee the size of a tiny hummingbird, and try not to freak about that tiny little zooming insect. We came to Bahia Conception in search for whale sharks, as we missed them in La Paz, so mission accomplished! Happy April!
(posted via SSB radio. Sorry, no picture of the whale shark.)
At 4/1/2016 15:33 (utc) s/v Bliss was located at 26°45.78'N 111°53.18'W

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  1. That's so cool that you guys are getting to experience so much wildlife in the Northern Sea. We loved our time up there. We saw whale sharks north of BoLA in Gonzaga Bay and south of BoLA in Don Juan, both right next to the boat and got to swim with them. Great memories. We miss you guys and are enjoying living vicariously through your Sea adventures. All is well here, though leaving a boat for 3 months in the Tropics means you return to mold and roaches and wasps and corrosion. We're chipping away. Take care!


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