Monday, March 7, 2016

Love for the Sea of Cortez/ Gulf of California

We are back in the area we love the most of our travels with Bliss in Mexico, the Sea of Cortez or the Gulf of California. Jacques Cousteau called it " the world's aquarium", and even though it's current status is nowhere near what Cousteau experienced (read here), it's a magical and wonderful place. Add to that a nice climate: we are in the desert, so humidity is low, and day temps near la Paz are in the upper twenties, nights are in low teens. La Paz also has a real community feel for cruisers, and a wonderful malecon to stroll. Great, clear anchorages are close by, and we enjoyed Puerto Balandra for 4 days after we crossed from mainland Mexico. We will stay for a couple of days more in La Paz, let a strong weather front pass by,and then make our way North into the remoter parts of the Sea.

We are anchored next to another Bliss, the first one we have encountered in the water. Boat names, we hear some interesting ones on the morning net. This morning "Go for Broke" hailed "God's Will" on channel 22. Another one: "Worth waiting for".


  1. Enjoy the northern Sea for us! We miss you guys and miss Mexico. All the best, Michael


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