Friday, July 24, 2015

The grass is greener...on both sides!

Living on land for the last 2 months makes you realize how relatively easy it can be. Easy in terms of comfort, no need for Tod to step over me while he goes to bed. No need to carefully watch the weather, although we went through a tornado warning in Ohio. Access to bountiful stores, where you get to pick from 20 types of apples (meet the Berkeley Bowl, where they are offering 4 types of Fiji apples alone ). Fast internet to order/watch anything to your heart's desire. Doing laundry at your place, without having to drag it to a laundromat. Hop in your car, and just drive to great state parks, and fun playgrounds. No need to watch you electricity usage or water usage as carefully (but we still do to some extent; Tessa told me the other day" mama you are wasting water" when I let the shower run for a bit to get hot water!).

But comfort and ease of living is not all what we seek. We can also thrive on challenges that cruising in your sailboat provide. We love to have open  nature as our backyard, and exploring new places and cultures. We love the ease of making new friends, when we share the luxury of no set schedules.

And here is the joy of what we are doing at this time: we have access to both ways of living, nomadic and stationary. And both ways work well for us now. We get to spend time with our family and long time friends while stationary, while in a couple of months we will fill up on our wanderlust again. So yes, the grass is green, or greener, on both sides!

this is a great backyard to enjoy too!

happy hour with life entertainment at the cheeseboard. Jackets in the summer here!

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