Thursday, April 24, 2014

4 months to go......

And just some much to do! Our "master" list has about 70 projects on it, some small and some large. With 4 months to go and a very active almost 2 yr old toddler in our life, time is in short supply aboard. So we gave a master list a thorough look-over, not everything needs to be finished for the first part of our journey, et VOILA...the list of absolute have to do is about 22 projects. Off course, these are all the large projects (think design  and installing solar panels, wind generator, installing SSB, installing electric windlass, solent stay).   A haul-out and replacing thru hulls is on the list as well. Optimistic Tod thinks he can do this all before we leave, and I love that about him!

Time's up for me now, back to toddler chasing.

See that clear window in our dodger? Check, one item of the list. Our seamstress, aka Tod, just replaced all 5 dodger panels with O'Sea vinyl. Our old ones were 5 year old, and you could barely see through them any more.

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