Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Swimming in the Pacific Ocean and sea life!

Sadly we had to sail by the “mini” Galapagos aka as Isla Isabela in the early wee hours, as the easterly wind didn’t give us good anchoring protection on the East side. We marched on to San Blas to check out the place where Bliss will be stored out of the water in the New Year. Underway the girls had a blast jumping into the Pacific Ocean (no worries oma, we were both tied to the boat, wearing life jackets, and no sails were up), watched bottle neck dolphins playing near our bow, and whales a few boat lengths away. The Baja Peninsula is no longer on our West side, it's the vast Pacific Ocean, and it's tempting to sail South West. Something to look forward to in 2 years!

We have been very lucky with wind conditions this season so far, we get to sail a fair amount. Luckily we are on a sailboat and not a power boat, as our latest boat issue is related to a sticking solenoid! Tod is trying to fix it now. It basically means that Tod is  hammering the starter solenoid  down below while I push the engine start button above decks.  So far it has worked but you never know when this trick will stop working, likely in the most inconvenient place! Good news, our fresh water leak is fixed (hot water tank), so off course we were due for a new boat problem!

sailing by Isla Isabela

reference guides can keep her busy for quite a while

the bird poop rock

hard to catch a good pics, but we saw 4 whales


  1. Thanks for sharing! Discovered your blog today and think its great. My husband and I are thinking about going on a sailing adventure with our 7 year old boy.

    1. Glad you enjoy our blog! Seems like a good age to do it.


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