Monday, September 5, 2016

Lekker weer terug in NL, happy to be back in NL

Schiphol airport Amsterdam is big, and has changed a bit since my last time there. Broodje filet American and rookworst was our first delight of dutch cuisine once we arrived at the aiport. I have made it my goal to introduce Tod and Tessa to all my childhood favorites, not the most healthy choices though (it's good we are only here for a short time). Tod was impressed with how well maintained everything looked on our drive to Provincie Gelderland, where we are renting another Airbnb in Culemborg. A small cute old town, like many others in the Netherlands, situated on a river.

We enjoyed the weekend with my dear friends from high school and university, which I have known forever, and it was great to catch up in person again!  Today we explored and enjoyed the small old town of Culemborg. Lucky for us, the weather is still nice, people sitting outside, every age, old and young, on bikes. Some mundane things I forgot: like doing a load of laundry here takes 2+ hrs, and no, that does not include the drying part. More later, for now just some pics, well plenty of pics.

Daaaaaaaaaag, Tessa is learning to say goodbye in some additional languages this trip.

we have a view of the marina and the river Lek from our front room

old deux cheveaux behind our house

our "dijkhuisje" with yellow front door: old style, gotte be
careful to not hit my head in the kitchen. We sleep in 2nd house
and two houses are connected by small yard

exploring downtown Culemborg, 5 min walk away, most building are
from 1700's or before

almost no cars allowed in downtown, for sure
no parking allowed, but plenty of bikes though

downtown from outside the old city walls

in land of plenty bikes, why not use one as a billboard

ferry across the river lek

the little yard connecting the 2 houses

off course! a dutch door

thanks to Marieke's gift, dog takkie goes everywhere, even on steep,
narrow stairs

broodje filet american, raw meat recommended to eat the same day

cute little fixed trailer near the marina

view of our dijkhuisje from the dijk

enjoying a bosche bol, a large chocolate covered cream puff

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