Thursday, June 23, 2016

camping in SF Bay Area's back yard

After a great time with Mika and Karl in Lake Tahoe, we are back in our "home turf" for the summer to work: welcome to traffic,  delicious bread from Acme, great Monterrey Market and median home prices of $ 1,000,000 in Berkeley. Before we start our house/ pet sitting, we are camping in the area for a week. We found a great overnite place in cute Benicia for $12, and had a blast biking and picking berries there.  Antony Chabot State Park, in the Oakland hills, is pretty, quiet and you can get away from all the crazy traffic and busyness of the bay area. Biking, petting dogs and chatting with neighbor campers is our daily routine here.  Soon we will store Betsy for a couple of months, and be living a land based life. Variety, it's all good!

view from our campsite at Anthony Chabot

the one nite- great deal site at Benicia State Park

Looking at Carquinez Strait from our campsite

They picked a bunch of black berries, and Tod make a delicious pie

having a great time with Mika and Karl in lake Tahoe, a gorgeous place to live

helping Karl making pizza

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  1. We love Benecia! When we were stateside at the start of this year, we visited there a couple times. Windy's folks live not too far away, in West Marin, in Woodacre. Have fun guys.


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