Thursday, April 14, 2016

Girl time and end of our 2nd season in Mexico

Tessa is having a blast mixing the dirt and water here in our RV park. Tod is having less fun in another dirt yard 16 km away, Gabriel's yard in Guaymas, where Bliss is being hauled out for the season. Our old girl Bliss is getting some much needed bottom work done, and we thought it would be a good time for the female crew to move to our RV, while Tod is doing the final touches of putting Bliss to bed for a while.

Some random pictures from our last months in the Sea, for sure our favorite part of Mexico by boat. Our last week in marina Fonatur in Guaymas was more social than the last month: we had several happy hours with fellow cruisers, and then, lucky us, s/v Zimovia showed up with 3 kids. Tessa had a blast playing with them. Hopefully our paths will cross again with all the great people we met in Guaymas!

We gotta come back to see that 60' whale shark! On April Fool's day we only saw a baby whale shark of about 15' and Tod did not go in the water, as the water was rough.

Next pit stop for the Bliss Crew: driving to San Diego for a special occasion......

off to my many swims to the beach, and the full lycra suit helps against
the stings of the abundant marine life

Tod's 50th rough housing

and the beginning of that tough hike

still easy at that point, no more pics when it turned into an all-fours hike

Los Gatos, one of our favorites

next year: maybe going up to the spreaders..... 
coloring Easter eggs, which the Easter bunny hide on the beach

arriving near sunset at Bahia Conception

Having fun with Betsy again

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