Saturday, May 9, 2015

Crossing off our last crossing of the season

I indulged. No, not ice cream, no chai latte extra foam (high on my list when we are back in the US) nor excellent dark chocolate, which is not available in Mexico. No, my indulgence was a 10 minute hot shower in the super clean facilities of Marina Fonatur in Guaymas. And to my surprise, my hair was almost dry when I walked back to Bliss. We're in the desert here, not much humidity. And at this time, the climate is pretty comfortable: not too hot during the day, and we use a light sweater in the evening. We always shower on board, and seldom use shower facilities during the few times we are in a marina. But our showers are short, and we use no more than 4 gallons per shower. Today, I just felt like a long one, one of the things I will enjoy more once we are back on land for a bit.

part of shrimp fleet in Guaymas
We arrived in the port city of Guaymas, Sonora on the mainland side of the Sea early Thursday morning, after a rather uncomfortable overnight passage from Point Chevato on the Baja side. The forecast was not what we experienced. One large 10' wave on our beam made Bliss heel over a good 35 degrees, and our casserole dish was the first broken item we have had since we started travelling 7 months ago. The cabin was a mess down below, but no one got hurt. Tessa did her usual thing, sleeping through the whole night, while Tod and I slept one hour each during the 15 hr passage. Yoho, no more passages for 6 + months!

the after wave effect

Unfortunately we did not see any whale sharks in Bahia Concepción, but did go to a wonderful shelling beach. Tod and Tessa left a geo-cache for our friends of s/v Let it Be on that beach, and hopefully they will find the little surprise.

mhm, did Bliss just move on top of an island?? 

at anchor in pretty  Bahia Concepción
Guaymas is not a place you will find recommended in your guide book, but we are enjoying our time here. It's a working industrial town, one of the largest shrimp ports, with some beautiful restored buildings, friendly people, and all kinds of stores withing walking distance of our marina.  We explored a bit downtown with our friends of s/v Astrea, who we last saw in La Cruz and Tessa and Sully got to chase each other for a while.

Typical Fonatur, mexican government operated marina's.
 Their buildings are`exactly the same in each city.

Guaymas inner harbor,considered a natural hurricane hole. A wedding
party is scheduled for tonite, better get my ear plugs ready
We plan to take Bliss to San Carlos just 18 miles up North  for about a week, and then come back here for preparing Bliss for her haul-out and dry storage.

Happy Mama Day (as Tessa says it) to all my mama friends tomorrow.


  1. Fijne moederdag en Tessa maak er iets moois van!

  2. Oh my, I cannot believe Tessa can sleep through such a rocky journey. I am glad you were able to enjoy a hot shower. Happy Mother's Day! I do hope we are able to see you during your time on land. Continued safe travels.


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