Thursday, February 25, 2016

Shopping local, confessions of life in tropics and last school day

Tomorrow we are leaving Banderas Bay, and go to our beloved Sea of Cortez and Baja California. It’s time, as it’s hot and humid here. You know the feeling that when you take a cold shower, it feels sooooooo good, then only just 2 minutes after you are dried of, you are wet again….? It might come as a surprise, but both Tod and I are not sun bathers nor beach lovers. Then why, o why, do you live in the tropics, you might ask? Good question, and for now I don’t have a good answer, but I know that the spectacular scenery above and below the water of the Sea of Cortez makes this lifestyle appealing.

Tessa’s last school today. She has been warmly embraced at the Waldorf school, and the wonderful teachers made a farewell booklet with all drawings of the other kids. Thanks to the amazing parents Pia, Homero and Kerstin and Guido for giving us daily rides to the school, we could make this happen. Although Tessa preferred her summer pre school in Berkeley (could be related to the language but also the school hours are a bit too long here, by the time she’s home she is pretty tired), it’s been a good experience for us all. Wish we could find a great school like this for the price of $65/week (5 days, from 9 to 2PM) back in US!

When you live in a small town for a while, you get to know where you can find the best groceries. No need to go to a large super mercado like Mega that’s outside town. Wednesday morning they have a local market for fruit and vegetables, and Thursday evening there is a special food market where the local restaurants get their produce. Off course, the fish market has been a favorite, and we will for sure miss that. 

Tessa hugging her teacher Maestra Mar

I paid $6.5 for this at the market

Tod's great shrimp dish

Tod bringing Tessa back from school, back in the rolly anchorage

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