Thursday, October 8, 2015

on to Lassen National Volcanic Park

How to get a 3 yrs old to hike with you at a regular pace? Well, pair her up with a 4 yr old new friend, and off they go!  We were taking a lunch break during the early part of  Bumpass hell hike, when Tessa met a new friend. No, she didn't want to hike anymore, just climb trees with her new friend. Well, luck had it, that her new friend was doing the same hike as we were, and before we knew, we were at the bottom of the trail,  with two chatty girls holding hands all the way. Coming back up, different story, as we left earlier, but hey, every bit counts.

We loved the drive up to Lassen, and also really enjoyed the park. The weather was great during the day, and the Manzanita park camp ground much more to our liking than our first night in a RV park in Red Bluff.  Our first experience with dry camping (no plug in for water, electricity or sewer, similar to anchoring on Bliss) taught us that Betsy is a good travel companion, and and the LPG heater kept us warm during the near freezing temp at night (altitude of 5500 feet). Traveling outside the main season proves to be a great timing, as parks are less crowded, and no reservations are needed.

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