Saturday, March 7, 2015

finding our groove

It took a while, but I finally feel we are finding our groove with this nomadic lifestyle. Like so many things, over time things do get easier. It also helps that we are now back in familiar waters, and visit places we have been before. Locals start to recognize us, and ask me where my bambina is when I'm by myself. Like many other cruisers, we are preparing to head back North, and visit the Sea of Cortez again.  We will follow the same path North as we did coming down the Pacific Coast of Mexico. And although overnite passages don't get easier with a toddler aboard, especially going upwind, we have done quite a few now, and know what to expect.

Boat projects, they always be there, but we are not looking at our list anymore. At least for now. No need to, as an unexpected project will always invites itself to the top of the list (think macerator pump, the pump that so nicely removes our waste from our holding tanks into the ocean). As you can imagine, a not so fun dirty project. With no place to buy extra long screws, Tod made them himself. Tod is working on another unexpected one now: the carburetor of our outboard. I had problems getting it started yesterday, while at the dinghy dock with Tessa in la Cruz. A nice young fellow started it for me, and just after he threw off the dock line, it died again. He must have heard the slight panic in my voice, as he just jumped into the water, pulled our dinghy back to the dock, and re started it. I could kiss his feet, so helpful and sweet! Tessa isn't so into divers, so started to cry during this ordeal, while I kept saying it's OK, he's helping us. I then just zoomed back into the anchorage, somewhat believing that if I kept the throttle up high enough it wouldn't die....Yes, we do have oars in the dinghy, but let's just say it would take a long time to get back into the anchorage.

The tiny pool in marina La Cruz was occupied with 4 cruising families this morning. We had 4 two yr olds, and one 4 yr old splashing in the pool. It was the first time for us to have this many families together with young kids. Most cruising kids we meet are older.

Lots of gorgeous swimming and snorkeling ahead of us in the clear water of the Sea. With
Tessa being comfortable swimming and floating, we are looking forward to do more water activities with her.  We hope to see my sister, hubbie and doggie Piper with their boat in the sea. Meet old friends and make new ones. See familiar places and explore new ones.

tessa is the only one wearing a helmet....and an auwie happened when running

the town square is where the action is for kids

we crave for something different than Mexican food, and this wood brick oven delivered

"mama, let me show you the white horse" 

the only traffic light in town

our favorite ice cream place

dinghy dock in marina La Cruz, ours in front with yellow painted outboard

La Cruz anchorage seen from Malecon


  1. oh my are you brave. i had a slight panic attack just reading of your carburetor troubles. thankful for strangers who come to help! love the pictures and of course seeing tessa getting soo big. be safe and i hope you get to enjoy time with your sister. xx

    1. Thanks Jennifer! We will be back in Ohio this June, hope that your travels might bring you there as well.

    2. Is there still a family reunion in the planning, maybe at the Indiana Dunes?

  2. We saw Maitreya off this morning. Hope you all have a wonderful reunion in a few weeks. La Michoacana your favorite? La Holandesa doesn't have a branch in town?
    Wishing you safe and wonderful voyages.

    1. the La Michoacana nieverias are all over the place... I'm not quite sure why Michoacan is associated with ice cream. Believe it or not, Jolanda said she may be getting tired of ice cream every day!

    2. Thanks Peter! Ja, absoluut La Michoacana, erg lekker! Hope to see you both in the summer.

  3. Just catching up on your adventures. Christina, Elijah, and I are inspired!

    1. Thanks John! Hope you all 3 are doing well, and who knows maybe we can share in anchorage in mexico next year :-)

  4. Just catching up on your adventures. Christina, Elijah, and I are inspired!


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