Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The beauty of the Sea of Cortez

After just spending a little time in the Sea of Cortez , we can see why some sailors who have traveled all over the world consider this one of their favorite cruising grounds.  It's not just the abundant and unique sea life or the pristine beaches with turquoise waters and colorful shells that makes this sea attractive,  it's also the amazing rock formations we have seen. Anchored in Ensenada del Candelero on the beautiful island of Isla Espiritu Santo felt like a mini Bryce Canyon, one of my favorite national parks in the US.  Non boaters can visit here by panga's from la Paz.

With so many gorgeous anchorages to choose from, we try to pick the ones where the landscape stands out. Puerto Los gatos on the East Side of Baja is another favorite, one big playground for us all. 

No stores since leaving  La Paz and we didn't fully provision, so we are getting creative with the limited fresh food choices we have (plenty of staples though and some frozen and canned veggies).  Think coleslaw with a recipe from my university years.....

Luckily, we did get the chance to visit a tiny tienda (market) in Bahia Agua Verde, another gorgeous anchorage with goats roaming around. When we asked for tortillas, the shop owner discussed this with another woman, and she gestured we could get tortillas in the house further up the dirt road. And so we ended up in someone's little kitchen, where the tortillas were made on the spot for us! With fresh tomatoes, avocados, and smoked marlin from La Paz, paired with Tod's excellent Margarita's, we got ourselves quite a delicious dinner aboard.  Another dinghy excursion in search for goat cheese ended successfully, and we got home with a huge round of goat cheese and more tortillas. No signs for a store, just follow the goats and you might find it. On our last afternoon there, we enjoyed a bonfire and the good company of a fellow cruising family, 4 yr old Thorsten, Katia and Rich.

On a different note, we have met several non boaters, who come to Baja with a camper /rv and kayaks. Seems like another good way to explore this rugged and beautiful part of Mexico.

With stronger Northerlies predicted soon, we are changing our plans to go South from here, back to La Paz. Charming town Loreto will have to wait till Spring.

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  1. No risk for Seasonal Affective Disorder there! - We're getting in our rowboat and making way down immediately. Tho you failed to mention what the water temperature is... We wish you a Merry Christmas - and look forward to a report on what is on your xmas table! xoxo Petra & Alice


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