Saturday, December 27, 2014

Boogie boarding in Mazatlan

This year, we spent Christmas sailing from la Paz to Mazatlan. The 250 miles trip took about 44 hrs, a mix of sailing and motoring.  There was a small weather window that would get us here without the dreaded choppy seas but the trade-off of light wind, and the forecast proofed to be fairly correct.

Tessa running for her last trampoline time at cafe Stella in la Paz

trampoline, playground and happy hour: great invention!

her 1st haircut bob style,which I did in 1 minute, the time she sat still
sunset during very calm seas

No perogies this year, but Tod made a delicious  roasted chicken on Christmas eve.  After we left La Paz on Christmas morning, we choose a nearby anchorage to check the oil leak (good news there, seems to be fixed), and make a big pot of lentils and veggies. Cooking underway is not something we enjoy at this time, so we tend to make meals for several days ahead. Tessa watched parts of her first ever movie during the passage- the Lorax. Mixed reviews on her part I think, one moment she loved it, the next she seemed scared and wanted to stop.

We are staying in the marina belonging to the resort El Cid, and a nice pool is very close by. Tessa was super excited to try out her boogie board, and it is a hit!

In the afternoon we checked out the Gold Zone- long stretches of beach with resorts, very touristy, not much of our liking. In the next few days we will go to Old Town, which supposed to be wonderful.

mango on a stick, if we only  had seen it before we had a huge ice cream

Expression of the day, after she saw 'a just married couple' here..." I want to get married to Sinterklaas (dutch equivalent of Santa Claus)"


  1. We all 4 had a good laugh at the last sentence! Glad to hear the trip went well.
    Enjoy Mazatlan!
    Corine and the gang in San Diego

  2. Wonderful pictures and blog. Especially the breath taking sunset -Too beautiful. Of course grandmother looked closely at the haircut. Did we save the hair? Glad you 44 hour trip is over and you are standing still. Hope Old Town is to your liking. Love Mom

  3. Fabulous! I assume you have started the New Year celebrations....? Happy 2015 from us. Petra and Alice

    1. Thanks, and you too! We will do an overnite to Isla Isabella, the mini Galapagos in Mexico, on New year eve, so no champagne for us (but spectacular nature on New years day)!

  4. I just looked up your blog for the first time and I've been reading all about your adventures. How amazing this is! I'm really inspired. The pictures are fabulous too.
    Jo (I grew up a few houses from Tod and went by Jody then)!

    1. Thanks, Jo for the feedback, glad to hear your enjoy reading our blog.


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