Wednesday, July 9, 2014

hooray/hoera for a classic plastic boat!

You gotta love your boat when you in the process of replacing all your though-hulls, you discover that the hull near the keel is 1" thick fiberglass! Our Pearson 385 was built in 1984, and Pearson did know a thing or two of fiberglass.

The hooray (or hoera in Dutch) stops there, as it's quite time and energy consuming to replace 30 yr old through-hulls. Before our haul-out Tod, with excellent help of his dad (thanks, opa, and thanks oma for all the baby sitting!) had concentrated his efforts on a project that was not on our short list.....engine repair. Nope, not engine maintenance, engine repair, as in repair it now or you don't have a working iron lady. About 7 to 8 boat bucks later, we added, and then crossed that project of our priority list.

Of course, during haul-out we had more items to add to our priority list. We will spare you the details, let's just say that our 30 yr old boat is almost brand new below the waterline.

2 months to go....I think we are starting to see the end of the tunnel, or the beginning of finally having to spend some time with us 3 by Labor Day. Thanks to our friends from the Berkeley Yacht Club, we have a wonderful place to stay while we are doing all the work on the boat, and Tessa gets to enjoy a bit of living in a house. It did melt my heart the other day when she said that she wanted to go home, to Bliss (yes, I do realize that this comes from a 2 yr old).