About Bliss

Bliss in the Vallejo race

Bliss is a Pearson 385 center-cockpit sloop, built in 1984. We have owned her since 2007 and have continuously upgraded her since then. We are outfitting her for extended cruising, and will update this page with all the upgrades we have made. As all boat owners know, there is no longer the question what to do with your time. Double that for being parents of a toddler, you know we wish the day had more than 24 hours!


  1. I'd love to learn more about Betsy! We're a young family of five planning on full-time cruising in a couple years, but there's overland adventures to have while we're growing a cruising kitty (and waiting for the two-year-old to not be two anymore). Advise for a cruiser looking to do some RV travel? Currently shopping for the RV.

    1. Hello Marcie and Dave, great idea to combine land travel with cruising! We love the variety it provides. We bought an older and cheap 24'class c, and it works well for our small family. Now traveling in high season, not our favorite as campgrounds are fuller, so if you have flexibility, we would recommend traveling in shoulder seasons. Feel free to contact us at aboardbliss at gmail for more questions. Have fun during all the prep, its a great part of the travel journey.


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