Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Update from Italy

We are living a regular life, except it's in a different country on a different continent. Since the last blog post, we have moved away from Como to a small town where Tessa goes to a bilingual school full time. She loves it, gets to wear the school uniform (well, better said, the school colors, as we couldn't get any official school clothes till early December), and gets fed a sumptuous lunch with 4 courses! On the days that Tod doesn't work, we two get some time to explore around, mostly we eat our way around. I will for sure miss the Italian food when we are back in the US.

Very lucky me, I have some awesome friends from high school and university, who come to visit us, and I got to spend a girls-only weekend away in Milan. Jeannine and Marieke, you are the best!

Weather is changing, it's getting cooler (still in mid teens in Celsius), but if you look how Italians dress up, you might think it's winter. When I walk Tessa to school and drop her off, all her class mates dress as if they are ready to go skiing, hats included. We just show up in a fleece jacket and sneakers. Tod says that Italians start dressing like that on a certain date, no matter what the temperature is. Fun to notice these cultural differences.

the ladies in front of the Duomo

we stayed in the cute canal Navigli district


photo taken by marieke

photo taken by jeannine

photo taken by marieke

photo taken by marieke

photo taken by marieke

photo taken by Marieke

photo taken by Jeannine

excellent pizzeria in our little town

my morning ritual after school walk

view from our 1st apartment in our new town

you see these self help 'kiosks" for milk, medicine and here flowers

our final apartment in Italy, we live on the ground floor of a very nice designed house

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  1. Gorgeous photos, love them. Miss you guys, The DV Crew


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